The designers of the GLYPH Chair (Design @geckelermichels) have managed to create a good ratio between ergonomic seating and architectural appearance. This was achieved through subtle measures such as the circumferential 'Soft Edge' and variable plywood layers.

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The Shadowplay shelf is easy to set up in a row. #lzelements #relvaokellermann #shadowplay
We are delighted to be nominated for the @iconistbyicon Young Icons Award 2018! Please vote for us and @philip_koster the windsurf animal :-) 🏄‍♂️

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May we introduce you to PAULY? Safety instructions for the HELP Lamp illustrated by the great @sanydk. He did it his way :) #howtobypauly #samuelnyholm #lzelements #rupertkopp
The GLYPH Chair designed by Berlin based designstudio @geckelermichels is now available in our online-shop and via selected retailers 💥 For more information please check the link in our biography.

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If you want to use our Roll-Up Bins as a planter, we recommend an inner plant pot of diameter 12-13 cm for the Roll-Up XS and 16-18 cm for the Roll-Up S.

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Fight short winter days with our dimmable luminaire HELP, designed by @rupert_kopp for L&Z #lzelements #rupertkopp
Can you spot the Roll-Up? Now available at 'Magasin des Objets Usuels' @magasindesobjetsusuels in Brussels, finest selection of useful, long-lasting and well designed ‚Tools for Life’ Link in Bio! #magasindesobjetsusuels #gooddesign
The GLYPH Chair with 5 and 4 star swivel base will be officially available in our online-shop and via selected retailers mid of next week! The chair comes in 3 different colors and can be equipped with either soft wheels or plastic feet.

Designed by @geckelermichels

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Our new office/showroom in Berlin. If you are interested in one of our products stop by for a coffee. Visit on appointment!

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The universal light HELP hanging casually on one of our GLYPH chairs. It is dimmable and shines brightly with up to 1900 lumens ☀️☀️☀️ #lzelements #rupertkopp #geckelermichels
⚫️⚫️ - Unit One & Two helps you organising your desk 📏✏️✂️🖍📓 Designed by @studio.mark.braun 💥 by @snjsoi
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