Our Glyph Chair designed by @geckelermichels in an natural studio environment (interiordesign @gerdesmeyerkrohn 🙌) The 3d deformed plywood shell with soft edge provides an extraordinary seating comfort despite the minimalist design. #lzelements #simplifyingwork
☀️ SINUS Console Table, with lino coated table top. Handy and flexible. #lzelements
🌱 Spring Sale! 5% off on every Sinus Trestle – The flexible table leg for your desk in the office or at home. Shop online 👉 lz-elements(dot)com #lzelements #simplifyingworkspaces
Our plant friendly ROLL-UP Bin! Designed by @michelcharlot
#lzelements #michelcharlot #rollupbin
ED — A playful furniture companion for your Home Office. Always flexible 🦎 never stuck 🎣. Available in the L&Z Online-Shop and at selected retailers within Europe.
The toy b̶o̶x̶ bin
Designed by @michelcharlot
Photographed by @gerhardt_kellermann
#lzelements #michelcharlot #rollup
You have recently been locked up with your loved ones at home and the kitchen table is your new office? Then this advice might be for you:

1. Aquire a taste for this special time with your loved ones.
2. Immediately fix your domestic chaos together with your partner, children, 🐶 & 🐱.
3. Create a retreat to work, think or chill.
4. Do not stop working! Next to hand washing and staying away from crowds, this habit is the most important one for all of us in order to master the crisis.
5. If you still need a desk then buy our elegant and flexible Sinus trestle online 👉 lz-elements(dot)com #stayhome #bakecake #workworkwork
SHADOWPLAY by @relvaokellermann is an industrial looking yet sculptural shelving system for your office. The clever plug’n play construction makes the assembly super easy. 📸 @gerhardt_kellermann
#anarelvao #gerhardtkellermann #lzelements
The SINUS TRESTLES are detachable allowing you to easily change room layouts at a moments notice. Photographed by @gerhardt_kellermann
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SINUS trestle featured in the latest @bmw i4 spot 🎥! with @cajsawessberg #departmentdeluxe #bornelectric #sinustrestle #lzelements
L&Z – Always flexible 🐉 never stuck 🍯 with the Office Essentials: Sinus Trestle, Roll-Up Paperbin & Help Lamp. Available in the L&Z Online-Shop and at selected retailers within 🇪🇺.
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